Integrated Energy Healing Therapy in Roanoke

Clear subconscious success blockers and restore balance mentally, spiritually, emotionally and
physically. Reactivate the body’s subtle energy systems by releasing trauma, limiting core
beliefs, unconscious programming and spiritual vulnerability. In person and remote
sessions available

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What happens when you release years of toxic energy build-up and traumas from your cellular memory?

When you release stagnating harmful energies embedded in your subconscious. You will have an improvement in confidence, brightness to your appearance, your emotional and physical pain is gone (or much improved), you feel lighter, and life becomes so much easier and joyful.

Healing at the Cellular Level for Permanent.

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What to Expect when you see me

All sessions are very personal!

More than anything I want to help. I want to KNOW you and your challenges.

Despite offering a variety services,  most often rely on deeper levels of energy techniques (intuition led) on a path of discovery. I am lead to what needs clearing, releasing, adjusting, and replacing through unique discovery of the point of creation of the issues and go from there.

I often hear clients tell me they feel drained, or anxious, stagnant or in physical pain. I am told   the conventional way of treating did not work. These common discordant energies in their body has many layers. We may have to clear old trauma, hidden vows, childhood wounds, negative beliefs, misalignments, trapped emotions or the health of your spirit.

Whatever I release I replace with loving, compassionate energies and boundaries. The positive changes are profound and happen fast!

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One hour sessions


All one hour modalities are $85. Recommended for remote sessions and for ongoing wellness sessions. Choose from Emotion Code, Body Code, Human Design, Intuitive resources or combination of modalities required to assist your healing. In person, hands on Access Bars, IET, Reiki, Tuning Forks, or whatever needs attention is available.

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90 minute sessions


Recommended for deep discovery and release. Accessing intuitive messages from your subconscious mind, I am guided to spiritual sources or a combination of modalities to activate your healing. Using divinely guided questions, I focus on and discover the underlying information necessary to allow release of old trauma, limiting beliefs and unhealthy programming holding you back. In person will include hands on healing.

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Ultimate Signature Program

(Most popular)

The most in depth and powerful session I offer. This program is designed for someone serious
about making change in a short amount of time. It includes three 90 minute sessions in a two week period. In this session you can anticipate that I deliver messages from your Higher Self and Subconscious Mind. This is Three 90 minute sessions within a 2 week timeframe. This intense session is guaranteed to improve your well being in every area of your life.

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About Dr. Maurie

Spiritual depth, top-notch research, and psychological practicality

Dr. Maurie specializes in alternative, holistic, healing modalities that relieve others from trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical distress, environmental stress, and other blocks that impact one’s ability to function at full potential. She is certified in Law of Attraction, Access Bars, Emotion Code, Body Code, Integrated Energy Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy, Reiki II, Advanced Energy Healing and Human Design.

She is the co-founder of Energy Healers of the Roanoke Valley and leads workshops to build community and help others find inner peace.

Dr. Maurie has a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Virginia, a Masters of Education and Marketing degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. She serves as President of the Valley Easy Speakers Toastmasters with a proven track record of excellence and professionalism.

How it works?

Sessions can be by phone, email or Skype. You do not have to be present. I only need to know your age, and what you are suffering with so I may tap into your subconscious.

Your subconscious knows everything – it knows what happened when it happened and how it happened. And what needs to happen!

You see, in your life you experience traumatic events! It is part of being human. We go through divorces, people we love leave, car accidents, we are stressed and overwhelmed by responsibilities, abuse…. And the list goes on.

Animals have immediate coping mechanisms for traumatic experiences. They run away and deal with it and release it from their body.

We humans allow some traumatic emotions to stew in our cellular memory and cause problems because of the low frequency vibrating energy stuck in your body.

If you are stressed, emotionally drained, have a nutritional deficiency, overwhelmed, toxic, have a weak magnetic field, or any physical or mental imbalance with emotional intensity, a fraction get trapped in your organs, fascia, and muscles.

In one hour, your neck pain or headache could be gone. You may feel more connected. Have more self esteem. Start loving yourself. Get rid of offensive energies. Discover why you can’t hold on to money, fix misalignments in your spine, Chakras, meridians… and so much more….

Your subconscious has archived it ALL!

Muscle testing, magnets, and higher power produce quick results!

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Also offering email sessions
as well as Zoom or Skype meetings.

(I work on you remotely and send you the results)