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Reveal The 5 Signs You Are Ascending: The Easiest and Most Helpful Ways To Remove Anxiety and Fear, Heal Your Physical Symptoms, Regain Your Balance and Find Your Place in the New Reality

Take advantage of this Workshop to understand why most spiritual teachings avoid speaking about Ascension symptoms and what you can do to survive them.


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So you’re feeling unsettled, your day just seems to be forced on every front- no flow , no ease. Everything is a massive chore requiring so much effort!  Constant interruptions and setback block every turn.

Feeling lost and irritable?  GPS stops working making you late for the important appointment, causing you to road rage against that sweet old lady in front of you at the stop light.  Maybe angry, or sad about little things that never bothered you before?  This started weeks ago and seems to be getting stronger.

Has a sense of fear and anxiety become your new normal ?  Suspicion and paranoia plagues your relationships? Your normal tribe suddenly seems to be quietly discussing you behind your back. You overhear a general comment and immediately assume it’s about you!

You find yourself looking around, feeling like Reality is changing right in front of you? Like a glitch in the Matrix?

And let’s not forget the physical symptoms- joints and muscles aching for no reason? Stiffness, upset stomach or digestive issues that come and go? Shortness of breath or you feel like your heart is skipping beats? What about the dizziness, the lack of coordination, the tripping and falling down?

Maybe it’s the sleeplessness- awake half the night and groggy all the next day? No energy to do the things you normally enjoy? Or the damn forgetfulness?  One minute you know, the next you have completely forgotten?

Yes, you have it.  

You’re experiencing the full range of symptoms.   

And it’s affecting every aspect of your life!

Welcome my friends- you are in the Ascension process.

Let me explain.

The overwhelm, the confusion, the outbursts of emotionally charged behaviors are all happening to you because of something called Ascension.  Our world is shifting into a much higher frequency and vibration.  The Earth itself is having these same symptoms.

Our bodies are experiencing the onslaught of a frequency that we are not equipped to handle. As I write this, the Schumann Resonance- the measure of the earth’s global electromagnetic  frequency, has been blacked out for 101 hours.  

This frequency is normally monitored 24/7 by Tomsk State University’s Space Observing System and is recorded most consistently at 7.83.hz.  It is now at such a high level, the equipment cannot register it, so the monitoring channel has been shut down.

When was the last time you felt relaxed, at ease, ready to enjoy the day without overwhelm or worry?

That is just one of the outside issues affecting us.  There are many more and they are playing havoc with your sense of normal reality.  Research the Solar Winds pummeling earth’s atmosphere since the Sun entered a new cycle- Cycle 25, in 2020.  You think the pandemic shook things up? Wait until these winds come in.

You have very little control over these outside influences.

But what if I told you there are things you can do to alleviate your symptoms? With simple self care techniques and energy work?

Would it be worth getting rid of the confusion and imbalance?

Being able to get a good night’s rest and eat a decent meal?  

To stop fighting with co-workers, your spouse, your friends?

Yes, my friends, there are many more of these unsettling changes heading our way. AND WE NEED TO Be Ready!

Our  training will reveal all you need to know about this shift into the new reality.  We will share with you the tools to understand and work with the Ascension symptoms you are now experiencing as well as the more intense changes that are coming!

What If You Finally Got RIGHT INFORMATION necessary to integrate and work with these new energies?

You cannot overcome them and you cannot stop them, so better to learn the BEST WAYS to manage them!

What if you were handed the secret handbook of

  • Sacred codes for influencing DNA to improve physical symptoms

  • Understanding Energy for yourself and healing your own blocks to Ascension
  • Brain /heart coherence to activate a strong connection to B/M/S
  • “Menditation” to do your Shadow work.
  • A full workbook of ASCENSION PROCESS affirmations, blog posts, influencers and guides to help you on the path

Without the knowledge, you will stay stuck in your present reality, unhappy, afraid, sick and alone!



Learning to Survive 2020 was a Harsh WAKE UP for everyone!

Life changed rapidly from our former safe, happy peaceful reality into a NIGHTMARE of fear and loathing, leaving us shaken to the core.

 For those of us already on our path of Awakening, it felt very familiar. Ascension is awakening to a new and very different world. And we have lived to tell you all about this experience!

 Using the very same  healing modalities, meditations, journaling  that helped us THRIVE during this time, we will provide you with a clear PROVEN PROGRAM  to achieve elevated states of  spiritual, emotional and physical wellness!

Your ASCENSION SYMPTOMS will be alleviated!

our health and wellness won’t change -even doctors don’t have any idea what’s happening.  With so many people reporting the same symptoms- all the medical world can do is offer you more medications.  They won’t help!

 Instead, learn what it really takes to survive and thrive through this Ascension Process. This is your solution and our goal is to help you find your balance again !

Your future depends on your ability to shift in a positive loving way.

You have so much to offer the world and you can’t do it  broken, hurting, scared….


Get rid of the exhaustion, go to bed and sleep soundly, awaken refreshed and feeling peace, balance and inner joy again.   Your world does not have to feel completely out of alignment any more. Enjoy the close relationships of family and friends, remove the toxic emotions and release the anxiety and pain for good.


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Mentoring Program to teach others

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By the end of this workshop, you will have a clear understanding of Ascension symptoms and causes and KNOW EXACTLY what to do to AWAKEN!

We are available to answer any questions you might have.
This workshop is for:

  • People looking to stop their physical symptoms quickly,release emotional anxiety and fear and regain a sense of balance.
  • People looking to find a solution that brings permanent change.
  • People looking to find their purpose in a new changed reality.
  • People looking to attain peace and unconditional love, even in times of distress.
  • People looking for an answer to the question “What is Happening to me?”
  • People looking for ease and peace in everyday living.



We are the Mystery Sisters,

Dr. Maurie Sutton and Rebecca Keen

This is our story

In her early 20s, Maurie became sick with a brain disease that literally shrunk her cerebellum and inhibited her brain’s capacity to function in simple daily activities.  In addition, she tested 100% for mercury poisoning and Lyme’s Disease, debilitating her entire nervous system. Her balance, motor coordination and muscle control were adversely affected.  As a single mom and the sole breadwinner for her family, she was terrified.

She began visiting  medical doctors but received no positive results after taking tests and trying various medications.She was told she would end up in a wheelchair eventually. Frustrated and scared, she sought out alternative holistic health methods and began to understand what was happening to her and how to repair her body.  Through extensive training in spiritual wellness methods, she recovered physically and found her calling as a healer.

Today, 12 years later, she is active, healthy and happy as a leader in the Roanoke holistic wellness community and teaching school full time. Her health continues to improve    

Maurie is certified in Law of Attraction. Emotion Code, Body Code, Integrated Energy Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy, Reiki II, and Advanced Energy Healing. She is the president of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and Division A Area Director in Toastmasters.

Becky began her dive into spiritual practice in 1997 after opening a beautiful bed and breakfast that attracted numerous spiritual practioners and healers.  She learned from her guests and dove head first into training in a wide variety of modalities, seeking answers to LIfe’s questions.  With a background and education  in business marketing she used her intuitive skills to help clients create successful businesses as a Business coach.  

Going through a difficult divorce in 1999 and rebuilding her life as a single working mom, she expanded her coaching to include Spiritual relationship coaching, discovering that most any difficult challenge we face in life comes down to balancing emotional frequencies, and seeking the higher light of love and compassion.  Her practice grew based on the positive word of mouth shared by her many clients.

After losing her only son in a horrific car accident in 2017, she once again rebuilt her life, recovering from the tremendous grief by turning to her spiritual practices. This led her to grief and loss recovery coaching- again using the connection to Light and Love as healing.

They became friends after Maurie hired Becky to coach her business and they shared their stories.

Realizing the powerful energy they generated together, they began working with energy healing to improve and clear clients, developing their own signature program. This unique program helped them integrate the Ascension symptoms both were experiencing. Now they help teach and train others to do the very same thing!

People tell us that this Ascension Workshop is among the most valuable experience in their life.

Imagine having the clarity and a roadmap with clear steps that others would beg to have!

Why would you miss out on this opportunity, when the price is only $97


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