Last week, I underwent a transformative experience with Belief Code Healing, addressing lifelong challenges. I wrestled with challenges since early memories, facing feelings of inadequacy, a constant need to prove myself, and a profound sense of being unwanted. These sentiments manifested physically, resulting in persistent constipation, bloating, and weight gain, maintaining a stagnant 145lbs for three years.

Despite fasting, avoiding carbs and sugar, intense workouts, detoxing, and hormone therapies, the scale stayed unmoved—relentlessly reminding me of inadequacy.

After a week of Belief Code Healing, I’ve shed 5 lbs and feel more in touch, happy, and confident. Although weight was never my main focus, it is a significant benefit.


Overnight, my clothes fit better, and I FELT it!


Belief Code healing works on the false and detrimental belief systems you have acquired while growing up. We all have them. Sometimes, we’re aware of them, but often, they’re subconscious, working negatively beneath the surface of our mind.


I’ve been certified in Emotion Code and Body Code for years. They excel at finding imbalances in mind, body, and spirit. Yet, learning the advanced course Belief Code thrilled me.


Envision a tree. You present the outer YOU to the world through the treetops. Some of mine: “My efforts never amount to anything.” “I don’t deserve success.” “I’m not needed.”


There are more, but those are the branches and leaves of the trees, often full of harmful programs fed from the trunk.


These are usually picked up subconsciously throughout your life and result from your limiting beliefs about the tree trunk. Some of mine were “I’m not needed” and “There is always something wrong with me (to name a few) 


These beliefs emerge from the roots and reflect your faulty core beliefs, which plant themselves into the soul from the soil of your flawed core identity.


This is the reason that Belief Code works so well. You pull up those roots!


It is necessary to get to the core to remove the entire system and heal these belief programs. The soil soaks up any stimuli that are fed into it. Childhood mistreatment, abandonment, abuse-anything not of a loving and caring nature affects the ability of that soil to grow healthy plants. During the early stages of life, we might not consciously remember the mistreatment buried deep within.


Individuals often absorb these faulty belief systems primarily during the 3rd trimester of their mother’s pregnancy and continue their development for the initial 7 years of life. These beliefs persist, blocking and generating negative patterns and outcomes throughout their lives until one releases them.


Dissolving these limitations leads to an enhancement in emotional and physical well-being, a decrease in anxiety and stress, and a strengthening of resilience and self-worth.


In a session, I employ muscle testing to pinpoint entrenched belief systems within your body.


Once identified, we use various techniques to liberate these beliefs. This offers a path to emotional freedom and holistic healing. Liberation fosters emotional well-being, cultivates resilience and self-esteem, and significantly reduces anxiety and stress.


A typical example I see in my practice involves a lack of abundance. Your struggles with money aren’t inherently about money itself. They’re about the conditioning around money that you’ve absorbed over time—the narratives, phrases, and experiences imprinted on you since childhood. These imprints influence your relationship with finances, impacting your reality and reinforcing existing beliefs.


These deeply ingrained beliefs reside in your subconscious, surfacing when triggered by financial situations and causing physical and emotional responses. Belief Coding is an ingenious way to unveil these triggers, identify trapped traumas, and reprogram your beliefs for a more empowered and fulfilling life.


The transformation is profound, from feeling stuck and inadequate to seeing opportunities and


Embracing abundance. This shift in mindset, from fault-focused to growth-oriented, will illuminate a path to personal fulfillment and success.