Change is inevitable. Growth is optional
We will never forget the lockdown of 2020? Women stopped wearing
makeup or doing their hair- nobody showered!, We all stopped caring! No toilet paper to be found, masks and hand sanitizer became our focus. No reason to dress up; everything was closed, no place to go.
We all gained weight and we spent a lot of time sitting around on social media.

Personally, I wore my pajamas all day and by 6pm most days, I was on the couch, eating popcorn and watching dysfunctional family sitcoms on my Smart TV. Having broken both feet- one at the beginning of the lockdown and one at the end, I was trundling around on a scooter for 6 months. It really didn’t matter-I was stuck at home anyway.

When I finally went back to work, I could not fit in to most of my old clothes. It was stretchy pants and oversize shirts for me. I had turned into a frumpy, overweight, and wobbly on my feet. I had also gotten pretty comfortable spending so much time on the couch alone at night and putting zero percent effort into my appearance.

It had to stop! What was I becoming? One look in the mirror showed me how much I had slipped in caring how I looked or presented myself!

Ironically, I have a business that helps people with their issues. I have a gift of assisting individuals in releasing low emotions trapped in their body causing physical, mental, or emotional pain. Working out of my house during the quarantine, I was busier than ever on zoom. Since my video camera is not very good, I always looked blurry so no need to fix myself up.

I can’t remember what triggered my need for change, but one day I decided to put some make up on, go shopping for bigger clothes and get my hair and nails done. I did feel less frumpy!

It was a start. I had to make a change if I wanted my social life back, to start dating, and my confidence to return.

Our emotions are everything when it comes to change. I have 100’s of happy customers to prove that very idea to myself. So it was time to align my emotions with my desires and get to work!

I decided to go to the basics. Joe Dispenza and Abraham Hicks opened my eyes many years ago so I started there. As a student, one could spend years reading their books, listening to their podcasts, watching their videos, going to their events, but the biggest take aways are these:

Your emotions make you think who you are.
You must be in alignment and receptive mode.
We want something better we have to BECOME IT!

Sometimes I’ll get in a funk and feel sad so I have to visit those three ideas and remind myself how do I want to feel? Abundant? I can’t think lack. To feel thin? I can’t dwell on my belly. I wan’t love? Better get in alignment and ready to receive.

There is no forcing outcomes here or being overwhelmed with action. I am happier than ever. What has changed? I watch my emotions and remind myself that the universe is always responding to how we feel and I get in alignment. It’s not hard and below is a little Joe Dispense exercise that I do when I want to change my state.

These simple exercises used every day will improve your life quickly.

Take 10 minutes to do the following:

  1. Turn off all distractions and close your eyes
  2. Take some deep breaths and stay in present moment. Your mind will wander, just bring it back.
  3. Ask- “What do I want in my life?” Next, decide on the emotions you will feel when you begin to create this future. Teach your body emotionally what that future is going to feel like and don’t get up until you begin to feel those emotions.
  4. Rehearse in your mind WHO you you are going to be when you open your eyes. The things
    you have to do, the choices you have to make, the steps you have to take.
  5. If you do this, every single day, your personality will begin to change and start creating your personal reality. The trick is your personality is made up of how you

think, how you act and how you feel.