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Quantum Matrix Advanced Healing

What is Integrated Energy Healing (IEH)?

Designed with the science of the subconscious mind and the highest values, this modality uses tools, charts, and strategies to get to the root cause of any issue. This method is especially effective for discovering relationships or abundance blocks and then releasing physical, emotional, or mental pain behind those blocks.  Quantum Matrix Code combined with Advanced Healing Methods can uncover any trauma or weakness in your quantum energy field, or soaked up by others) and will be energetically adjusted with intention and magnets so you feel so much better and more confident.

Our energy gets restricted (just like a flowing river bed becomes chocked by a beaver dam and only a little seeps out).

Why does it get restricted? Stress, fear, surgery, exhaustion, disease, etc

What happens when our energy gets restricted (blocked)?. We often feel exhausted, depleted, powerless, overwhelmed, and may get sick.

For thousands of years, Eastern medical approaches have focused on the electromagnetic energy field of the human body. Western Culture is finally coming around and appreciating the wisdom and effectiveness of Eastern practices.

Integrated Energy Healing(IEH) is a powerful technique to rebalance your energy so that is open and flows and supports the client’s self-healing process.

IEH uses hand placements to clear energy blockages (deeply suppressed cellular memories). Cells in our body remember feelings and sensations (think of something tragic that happened in the past. The feelings are still there ). Once the cellular releasing is done… there is the imprinting of trust, pride, support, love, and more.

IEH energy releases the pain of the past and integrates it with the joy of the present moment.