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Reiki acts to speed up our own natural healing process. It helps to release blockages of energy and balances the flow of Chi.

The client is not actually healed by the practitioner, but by the universal life energy and its balancing effects. Since the energy is natural life force energy, it cannot harm anyone, nor can it be controlled.

Reiki is gentle but powerful; simple but effective.

By simply placing one hand in the different positions on the head and body, for several minutes each, the energy is pulled through the body at the rate corresponding to the need of the client. One cannot do too much or too little Reiki. The receiving body/mind/spirit will decide how much or how little it wants. Reiki is one of the few healing forms that can be used on oneself as well as someone else. A complete treatment covers all the major organs and energy centers in the body. Reiki is a natural healing system and works well whether one is ready for it or even if one does not believe in it.