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sales Signature Program

Sales Signature Program

Improve Your Sales Performance

Improve Your Sales Performance

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If you are in sales or in charge of a sales team and are interested in improving performance through clearing subconscious success blockers and mindset imbalances so that you or your team increase your bottom line and improve sales performance, this is for you.

What would it feel like to be seen as a winner, confident, and able to catch downturns in performance early without being stopped by time, money, learning new skills, lack of awareness of solutions, lack of belief, or limited mindset?

If this sounds like you, I have good news. It’s possible to:

To be happy and have happy productive employees enjoying their work

To feel abundant and accomplished

Wondering how?

Let me introduce you to Prosperity Potential.

I help individuals and organizations uplevel sales by clearing subconscious blocked energy preventing them from meeting their potential.

Common blocks are doubting closing ability, not feeling prepared, and a fixed false mindset.

Prosperity Potential was created to help salespeople and organizations excel at their job, get noticed, and feel appreciated and optimistic because their limiting beliefs have been released. The goal is an abundance mindset, where people are truly happy at their work and make sales flow easily.

So you can experience a higher growth perspective and overcome challenges and no longer worry about non-performance.

Salespeople automatically maintain a higher abundance mindset in their work and reflect this in each sale, attracting financial gain.

The Bars are 32 points on your head that relate to different areas of your life. When touched, you release and dissipate the electromagnetic imprints of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, ideas, judgments, and points of view that run your life and create anxiety, fears, and lack when it comes to money, creativity, aging, relationships and more. Remember, you have been imprinted from friends, family, media, and school, on what is important, and valuable. You trusted they knew what is best for you.

Do you feel like money is hard to come by? Do you have to trade time for money? Life is a struggle? Or “I’m not worthy enough” or “pretty enough” or “smart enough?”

Imagine life without all that limiting luggage!

The purpose of a Bars session is to clear those points and to invite people to receive possibilities that they never knew were out there.

Running the bars reorganizes the content stored on your cells, so the blockages you have created disappear and replaced with beneficial cellular memory. Just by gently touching the Bars you effectively erase the energy of thought you have ever stored there. Our points of view create our reality and just five minutes can erase 5,000 to 10,000 years of stored points of view.

Bars actually slow down the brain waves allowing patterns, belief systems, and points of view that you have been running from childhood or from other lifetimes to be accessed. You actually start to become more present in your life and the past doesn’t project into your future the same way.

And as the electromagnetic energy is released and dissipated, you begin to feel and notice more ‘space’. Things that used to bother you now don’t. Where you may have felt contracted — physically as well as energetically — you now feel more ‘expansive’.

Aches and pains often begin to fade. Sleep improves. Points of view that you had about the main areas of your life start to fall away too. You have greater awareness and fewer attachments.

That said, here are some of the benefits that many people, myself included, are reporting after having their Bars run.

Greater mental clarity, motivation and problem-solving capacity, and at the very least, reduction and even complete cessation of anxiety and depression.

Sales Signature Program Includes:

Sales Signature Program Includes:

  • 1

    Consistently high sales numbers

  • 2

    Quotas met, company goals met

  • 3

    Employee morale stays high

  • 4

    Happy, valued employees stay in their jobs longer

  • 5

    Less firing and hiring

  • 6

    Less time wasted on new training

By now, you may be wondering who I am and why I’ve created this. Let me introduce myself to you.

Maurie Sutton, I am an Energetic Frequency Coach and own a company called Zen My Brain. I have a degree in Marketing and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology but my true passion is energy healing. I specialize in alternative, holistic, healing modalities that relieve others from trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical distress, environmental stress, and other blocks that impact one’s ability to function at full potential. I am certified in Law of Attraction, Access Bars, Emotion Code, Body Code, Integrated Energy Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy, Reiki II, and Advanced Energy Healing.

I created this because last year, a client came to me unable to close sales for his marketing company. However, after our work together, he tripled his closing rate.

I know that Prosperity Potential is going to change everything for you. These are just some of the ways Prosperity Potential is impacting lives.

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