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Sales testimonials

Sales Testimonials


  • I own a technology I started five years ago, in December of 2020, the heart of the pandemic, we were struggling to bring in consistent sales and growing the company, hitting a wall, as an organization. During that time I was reading a history book and it mentioned “energy healing”. I’ve never tried energy healing. So I went to Google and typed in energy healers near me. And I found zenmybrain website.

    I had a conversation with Maurie, the owner of zenmybrain, and scheduled a session.

    I was open-minded. It was fun. Cool to be able to observe and nothing like a therapy session. She did muscle testing and we found underlying issues I was holding on to under why sales were stagnant.

    The next day, everything was different. I felt a lot more open and creative and had way more energy… I was like wow, that, that was, that was definitely helpful.

    I scheduled another session. By March, I had probably been to maybe four or five sessions, maybe more. We brought in at least another $15,000 to $20,000 a month in recurring revenue. I was able to hire another salesperson.

    The results have been crazy, A miracle. Not just about all the clients and business and growth that’s happened, the financial success is secondary.

    I’m addicted to it because it’s the most effective thing I do for myself or for my business.

    It’s not just the business flowing, everything is abundant we’re bringing in more business we can handle realistically. I’m investing and having tons of success.

    Everyone should give it a try. After your first session, you notice the difference. I think it’s gonna be the best decision you can make and see how you feel the next day. Then go ahead and keep going. I mean you’re gonna be a whole different person. You find a lot of different stuff clogging up your mind, and so energy healing is really good for clearing out your head and getting you out of your head and just focused on what you do, so you don’t get in your own way. It has made a big impact on my life. ”


  • I was electric for 6 hours after our session. My vertigo is much improved, my inflammation is down and even my manual dexterity has improved. My headache is gone and I slept super well. When can we do this again? ”

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