Learn The Basic Principles of Energy Medicine

This program is designed for someone serious about making a change in a short amount of time. It includes three 90 minute sessions in a two-week period.

This intense program is designed to release years of toxic energy build-up and traumas from your cellular memory. You may be unaware of many of your subconscious blocks because they were inherited, happened in early childhood, or are the reason you feel stuck. However, they have been preventing you from pursuing your passion and meeting your potential. Toxic energies create self-doubt and resistance, keep you spinning your wheels, and create limiting physical and mental discomfort and behaviors.

Once toxic energies are released, you will clearly notice an improvement in confidence, brightness to your appearance, your pain is gone (or much improved), you feel lighter and life becomes so much easier and joyful.
I use muscle testing and intuition. Muscle testing is scientifically proven to be an accurate method to locate structural, muscular, chemical, and mental ailments.

I tap into your subconscious and we connect. It does not matter if we are together in the same place or 1000’s of miles away. It works the same. Through questioning and muscle testing, we locate the trauma and unwanted emotions in your body and energy field. I release these energies. There are many layers of energetic walls and therefore it is recommended to have three sessions within 14 days for lasting change

We determine the percentage of your self-love, percentage of your self-forgiveness, and percentage of love you have for your inner child. The higher the percentage, the better you feel about yourself, and the easier it will be for you to quickly release what undermines you. If one or more areas are low, no worries, it will dramatically improve each session.

We determine the percentage of your abundance alignment. This is important because every memory you have ever had is not only stored in your conscious and subconscious; but in every cell, tissue, gland, organ, etc. it is NOT just mindset. We tend to hold on to the past or unconsciously push what we desire away because we are not aligned.

Our goal is to get to 100% alignment. When this happens, the frequency of that alignment will match your desired goals whether it is monetary, physical, emotional, or mental.

We locate and release subconscious blocks preventing you from reaching your desired state of being. Subconscious blocks control your emotions by triggering the release of brain chemicals that activate fight or flight responses. They are the reason you doubt your abilities or attract the same toxic relationship. This is an ongoing process given the layers it involves.

We identify and release sabotage programs or patterns in your cellular memory. Self-sabotage is when you undermine your own goals and values. In other words, you acknowledge that there’s something out there you genuinely want and believe is good for you (e.g. losing 20 pounds), but then you do things that directly conflict with that goal (overload on cookies).

We release layers of negative emotions surrounding your heart. Every time your heart is broken, you feel grief, loss, disappointment, and hold on to the pain, its layers abound your heart. This prevents you from experiencing or expressing love wholeheartedly because you have created an energetic wall around your heart.

We balance the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your Chakras (your energy centers). The reason our chakras get unbalanced is that we have: Work stress, financial turmoil, poor diet, sexual oppression, low self-esteem, suppressed anger, illness, grief, heartbreak, rejection, resentment, fear, anxiety, stubbornness, and denial (to name a few). There are seven Chakras we balance.

We identify and release trapped emotions (negative emotions) underlying your “issues.” (most often physical discomfort or mental setbacks), This includes PTSD energies. This process goes quickly and most often provides immediate relief.

We locate and release confusion energies at the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual levels. This can happen when we are not aligned with who we are meant to be. They show up as indecision, disorientation, and disruptions.

We identify and release self-judgment energies. These often run deep and cause us to hide and play small.

We identify and release decision and cognitive fatigue (eg: brain fog, weariness, overwhelmed)

All sessions are very personal. The above clearings are very beneficial to people but are just an example of what a session or session does.

It is a universal law that when you take something out you put something in its place. I always replace the negative energies with love, compassion, and ease. Your body processes this and heals from the inside out. You will feel much better and wonderfully optimistic because you have removed unwanted emotions, imbalances, and intolerances underlying self-sabotaging behaviors.

After the session(s), you will have new supporting beliefs that make you free and feel safe, secure, strong, confident and empowered to be your best self.

I guaranteed this package. I have had 100% happy people who work with me on a regular basis.

Price $299.00

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