Three Minutes to Change

Let’s pretend you are a tree (the same age you are now).  The older you are, the deeper your roots.  These roots create 90% of you!!!! Your trunk,  branches, and leaves are the results of your roots, a mere 10% that you show off to the world.

Your roots are a tape recording of memories that began when you were just a tiny seed. They store the conditions, programming, instructions, and messages you have ever received and created patterns, behaviors, and blockages, in your life experiences.

Your roots don’t judge or reason; however, they do create our beliefs (whether they are good for us or not) that run our life.

Here are a few of my 49-year-old roots that I could do without.

I am scared to make left turns when driving.
I will never get married.
I can’t share my feelings with my mom.
I’m not good with money.
I can’t follow a diet.

These beliefs don’t serve me, are not facts, and self-sabotage my will power. I  try to make a conscious effort to be rid of these “holding me back from what I really want” thoughts, but they are sticky knots in my subconscious roots.

They are my default when it comes to driving, dating, family, money, and willpower.

Where did they begin?

I hit a motorcyclist taking a left turn
My last boyfriend of 5 years told me I’d die alone
My mom criticizes my life choices.
On several occasions, I sold all my possessions and moved with no money
I hate to feel deprived so if the brownie is there… I don’t say no.

Your roots are there to protect you and the sturdier they are the stronger their “energy”.  You see, I don’t want to die driving, I want a relationship with a man and my mom, I want to follow a budget, and invest wisely, and I want to lose 20 pounds.

I am writing this on my journey to clear them and create more empowering beliefs. I have studied this subject at great length and found the most EFFECTIVE ways to get unstuck.

You see, our subconscious programming is wired in our brains. It keeps us stuck in patterns and behaviors and dictates our experiences.  We unconsciously create neural pathways (roots) that fire according to the stimulation they receive. Every thought and feeling that we have strengthens neural connections.

For example, if you are constantly thinking “I don’t have enough money,” your neural pathways relating to money are of stress, lack, and limitation.

On the flip side, if you place your focus on “I have all the money I need,” you strengthen those pathways and they will become dominant. You will feel relief and be open to opportunities.

We attract the things in life that match our beliefs.

Below is a POWERFUL PROCESS to build strong positive, neural pathways and change your patterns of response in order to be in alignment with your desired experiences.