How Many Inches Can You Pinch?

Dumb saying. Well, I can pinch more than one …

I am obsessed with my fat tummy. It is an all-consuming habit to focus all day on my “not so firm” belly…for as long as I remember (even when I was “skinny”).
It’s far worse now because of the 20 pounds I put on in the last year and a half since humbly moving from CA to VA.

I see, feel, and commiserate about; the bloat (perhaps it is gluten?), the tight pants, and the puffy pushing its a way through me like the possessed demons they are.
It’s madness!! I can’t help myself. Or can I?

According to the Law of Attraction .. you are what you think about most.
And I think about being FAT. All the time…
All I have to do is Change my Thinking.

It is 1/1/2018 and the perfect time to make some changes!
I just read an article about “Losing weight with the Law of Attraction,”  I was psyched!

You may be skeptical, but the LOA IS backed by science AND found throughout the bible.
Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

I have deeply studied how it works for you “Naysayers”…
disclaimer: I am a work in progress BUT happy to share my new-found knowledge.
For it to work…. you HAVE to shift your thinking!
Let’s do it!
How To Use The Law Of Attraction to Lose Weight

Start with Love and Gratitude…

Both are powerful LOA weight loss tools that can undo those nasty thoughts in your head.

RULE 1: You must start with faith that you are already at your ideal weight. Okay.. I get it… it’s hard.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself slender and fit. Savor the feeling. Do this for a couple of minutes every day. For me, I am on a beach wearing a white dress with spaghetti straps, my arms are toned, my waist is small, and I am running barefoot.

Rule 2:  Be grateful that you have lost weight. Every day says, “Thank you for my slender body.”    The major key here.. FEEL gratitude. You cannot just say it! Saying it and not believing it is a waste of time.

Just saying positive words while you look at yourself in the mirror is NOT enough. You may still feel unhappy… you have to feel you are at your ideal weight.  Hold the idea and see it for yourself in your mind’s eye.
Be Truly Present When You Eat.
Let me ask you a question.  Think back to the last meal you ate.
Were you aware of how it tasted?  Did you appreciate how it nourished your body?
Or did you scarf it down without noticing the flavors?
Or mindlessly munch in front of the TV? (I am SO guilty)

Setting an intention of gratitude on the food itself does have an actual, literal, and measurable effect on our foods, ourselves, and yes, dear reader, on our environment and community at large.

When you feel good about food (not how fattening) you are in a high alignment (vibration).

You can’t just say Thank you — you have to feel it.
If you want to lose weight, you can’t feel bad about the food you eat!!!
Even if you starve yourself; any weight loss will be temporary!
That’s where gratitude comes in. When you feel grateful for the food you eat, you change how you feel about food.

But as you do it, you will see the foods you eat will naturally change. Did you know talking to your food makes a difference in how your body responds to it?

To begin! Have faith that you already are your ideal weight. Have faith in your ability to receive your desire. Be grateful for having lost weight. Be grateful for having your ideal body. Every day says, “Thank you for my healthy, slender body.”

Tips for Using Gratitude to Lose Weight

• Before you eat, take a moment to feel grateful for the food before you. Really savor your food. Appreciate the work that went into making your meal – the soil that nourished it, the farmer who grew it, the store that sold it, the person who prepared it…
• • Show up fully at your meal. No multitasking.
• • Delight in how your body is gaining nourishment from the food – your organs, your muscles, your bones, your skin. See the food you’re eating as going in and giving you the best body it can.
• • No obsessing over how much you ate, feeling guilt, shame, regret, or worry. Eat your meal with pure pleasure.