Emotion Code: When Emotions Freeze? 

Without emotions, we would never have joy or excitement, bliss, charity, or kindness. On the flip side, we would never have anger, disappointment, depression, grief, OR ABSORB other people’s offensive, dysfunctional issues.

If there were no emotions, we would be an emotionless planet. BORING!  We would be nothing more than robots going through the motions from birth to grave. Life would be pretty dull.

Fortunately, we experience joy watching children laugh on the playground.  When we get our driver’s license and take to the open road alone, gives us the experience of excitement. The bliss we experience when we first fall in love or charity for homeless kittens. However, there are emotions that we feel in hard times. Divorce, death, accident, witnessing a fight, or embarrassing moments are hard times in our life.

Think about the 7 stages of grief when we are in high emotional stress.  What may happen if we don’t process it?  Negative emotions we experience to turn on a cascade of stress hormones. The stronger the emotion the stronger the change in internal chemistry. When this happens, the emotions created in the experience become imprinted in our neural circuitry. We, humans, relive these negative experiences over and over resulted in those pathways stronger.

Negative emotions that we do not process are get TRAPPED in our organs.  This creates back pain, digestive issues, and various diseases.  In addition, social anxiety, irrational fears, or mind changes are other psychological problematic phenomena we may have. We pass those physio-mental problems to our descendants. If we do not process heavy emotions in an appropriate manner at the time of an incident, the emotion becomes stuck and form a ball of energy in the body. This ball of energy may lead to negative issues later in life.

If we experience an abusive unhealthy relationship with a narcissistic needy bully, that may cause heartache, frustration, shame, and vulnerability. These trapped emotions can result in short term memory deficits. The kind where it takes us 100 times longer to finish a project because we can’t remember or locate, what we have already done (true personal story). According to a case study, 22 negative emotions may cause an irrational fear of driving at night.

Most of us have many of these stuck energies in our body and mind.  These trapped energies are potentially reasonable to wreak a lot of havoc in the body. If we do not process them properly and they stay with us, they lodge in our organs. For example, anger – emanates from your gall bladder or liver, betrayal – emanates from your heart or small intestine, and grief – emanates from the lungs.

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Why Emotions Become Stuck?

We live in societies which, in many cases, encourage us to suppress our emotions.  We may be told by society or within our families, the following types of things. “You shouldn’t be angry.”  “You are weak if you cry.” “It is disrespectful to disagree.”  All of these types of beliefs can cause us to bury our emotions deep within.  We may think we have dealt with an emotion when in reality we have just repressed it. We suppress the emotion to avoid expressing the emotion.  Another reason is the incident may be too painful or difficult to deal with at the time of the occurrence.  The inner self goes into protection mode.  We suppress to protect.

We also spend years and years of negative self-talk; blaming, shaming, self-doubt, judging ourselves. We buy into other people’s criticism of us. Trapped emotions may cause to make the wrong assumptions or overreact to innocent remarks. Misinterpret behavior and short circuit relationships are also the outcomes of trapped emotions. Trapped emotions can create depression, anxiety, and other unwanted feelings that you can’t seem to shake. Trapped emotions can wreak havoc on your physical health, causing pain, fatigue, and illness. The invisible energy of trapped emotions will go undiagnosed by conventional medicine.

Negative emotions get lodged in the subconscious mind like a thorn (a nagging pain). They vibrate at frequencies that create conditions for disease, pain, and afflictions of all kinds to take hold. Certain areas of the brain are activated when we feel certain emotions. There is a biochemical component to the emotions.

There is good news!

Because of the biochemical component to the emotions, It is an easy process to remove them. Remove them for good.

By the way, My memory is much better and I don’t think twice about driving in the dark.

How do we release emotional stresses?

Our body is a polygraph. Our subconscious mind archives everything (even from many generations ago and all the yuck you pick up from other people).

Our DNA remembers your heartache and betrayal at age 16, it remembers the pain and torture you great grandparents experienced during the depression, it remembers the vulnerability you felt when your teacher ousted you and made you feel foolish in 7th grade.

Our body knows and you can use kinesiology to tell truth from falsehood about anything.  We are electrical in nature. Everything on the planet has a vibration in it. Words have different vibrations, so does food so does the tone of our voice. When your body responds to something positive, your structural muscles stay firm and negative responses make the muscles weaken.  This is known as muscle testing.

Once we identify the trapped emotion we can remove it through magnets. Magnets are powerful at removing data (ever have one near your credit card?).  Once that is done… ask if it was released. If no, ask for more information.

How old were you? What event? Does it belong to someone else? Is it something someone said? Is it inherited? How many generations back?  Ask questions until the subconscious says “you can now release it.  If it was a BIG ONE. Say “How many days to process?

I personally have had Emotion Code done on me for the last 6 months and it has changed my relationships for the better, my memory, my organizational skills, my driving, the story I resonate with, my judgments….and more.

I had to learn how to do it. You can buy the book, Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson, and learn it yourself.

I took the class, became a little obsessed, and learned everything I could. Abundant self-practices, fifty humans, and four animals made me a certified Emotion Code Practitioner finally.

With the help of my Emotion code friends, I even removed my ENORMOUS HEART WALL. It was miles thick and made up of emotions such as betrayal, lack of support, unworthy, effort unreceived, unsupported, hopelessness, taken for granted, and others. I will never get in a relationship again that allows that to happen!!! I admit I made some poor choices in boyfriends.

A heart wall occurs during times of emotional pain or distress, your heart can be really hurt or injured; this is where the words “heartache” and “heartbreak” come from. Sometimes we need to put up a form of protection, or a “wall” around the heart. The good news is that the heart-wall can be removed, one emotion at a time, freeing you to live from your heart, create abundance, and find true love. Now that’s what life is all about!”

NO worries, over 90% of adults have heart walls.

I have been able to help a lot of people release anxiety about their career, grief over losing parents, depression from a failed marriage, guilt from an affair, and others. It is an honor to help others and nothing makes me happier than to give some relief to others in need.