Manifest Your Best Life Despite the Adversity in Minutes a Day

The year, 2020, has been very trying. The world is divided, riots, lockdowns, financial insecurity, loneliness, betrayal, can’t trust the news, COVID, collusion … UGH!

You may have experienced job loss, physical pain felt depressed, lost friends or family.

I certainly have and felt deflated.

But given my spiritual study, I aware of the damage that dwelling in the negative does to one’s mind, body, and spirit.

So I got to work. Use energy tools and advice from past mentors.

I am going to share with you this short and effective exercise I have been doing for the last 5 days and it has totally changed my outlook.

I used Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work and the Law of Attraction practices to create a new outlook.

I am proof you CAN change how you feel inside and raise your vibration to manifest your best life despite the world is in external chaos.

I am not suggesting “just think positive?” when you are depressed and depleted.   When you are depressed and depleted that is really the last thing you want to hear!

This is how my journey started and what led me to change my state from gloomy to excited about my future.

It started two weeks ago, on a Saturday, I broke the 5th metatarsal in my right foot. I was going down my basement stairs, which happen to be wonky, twisty, steep, and lack railing on the left side, carrying laundry and kicking a box when my right foot buckled and I fell on the landing. I live alone and crawled around on the floor in denial. I watched my foot swell and bruise and the next day went to the ER to get x rays. Surgery was scheduled for Wednesday.

I had surgery and was given bed rest for 7 days and ordered to stay off my feet for at least 6 weeks.

If bed rest and staying off my feet for 6 weeks wasn’t bad enough…

To add insult to injury, the principal at my FT time teaching job (who I thought liked me and would like the idea)  said I could not work virtually.

This is strange since I go into the school building and teach virtually any way – other teachers work from home – what difference did it make?

I felt discriminated against since HR said ALL I needed was my principal’s permission.

The day after surgery I get a call from my assistant principal. He apologized and told me “I know this is a bad time but I have to let you have been written up for an error in writing amendments. In defense, this was an oversight and a quick fix … by no means would it qualify for disciplinary action.  Why was I being singled out?

My mother who lives in town took me in.  I love my mother dearly and greatly appreciated her giving me the antibiotics, shots in my stomach, placing icepacks under my leg, feeding me, and taking my temperature.

What was hard for my usual busy, active, upbeat, stay positive, the self is my mother and I upset each other when we talk. So there has been a lot of hurt feelings, tears, and anger coming from both of us.

I need help getting to the bathroom. Bed rest sucks. I am mad about work. I want to go home.

I know wallowing in boredom, irritability, depression, and negative emotions are unhealthy.

I know the laws of the universe and if I stay in that doom and gloom state I will continue to be sad and low.

Meaning no more manifesting (which I happen to be good at).

In order to manifest your desires (mine was to be happy and stop focusing on what is wrong), you must match with the vibration of your heart and brain.

Obviously, I had to stop ruminating on why I am being targeted at work and just deal with 6 weeks no driving or walking.

I needed a plan.

I have been a student of Joe Dispenza for years.   Dr. Joe’s research has the answers!

What would Dr. Joe say to do?

He would say stop using my energy trying to figure things out.  Do the work and let go of the outcomes!  Lying here frustrated and helpless living in the past … NOT doing any good.

He would also say if I continue to place my attention on work and why they don’t like me…  I won’t have the energy to create a new experience!!

It was so easy to fall into the “woe is me” trap…. and time to crawl out.

The thread of all of his scientific studies is one can change the brain and body by thought alone.

But you have to do the work.

I remembered all thoughts, feelings, and emotions are just chemical reactions and our brain and body can become addicted to negative emotions or positive emotions and as humans, we have control over these chemical reactions.

I created a chemical imbalance because I was focused on the negative and I can change those chemicals from negative to positive.

I  have to take my attention off the negative thinking. Easier said than done, right?

Took me an hour but my state of being completely changed from irritable to seeing infinite possibilities!!

The past 5 days I have been doing my work and I am in a new place AND feeling so so so so so much better!

If you are feeling down, helpless, overwhelmed, anxious, miserable or any low vibration feeling… this is worth a try.

It involves some writing, breathing, mental imagery, and kinesiology. The first day was the hardest because I was in a bad mood. But day 6, this morning. It was easy and fun.

First set and write out your intention

An intention is sending our desire and trusting it’s going to bounce right back, in the most positive of ways.

The basic formula is …..

I am _____________, I am……..

“I am that, I am” are powerful words and create miracles. The comma is important – you say what you desire as if it is part of you, then add a comma, and then describe. Use your senses and descriptive words. Write as if it is true. Think big. This is all about priming your brain, releasing chemicals that are healthy

“I am happy and looking forward to my future,  I am attracting exciting, lucrative opportunities that use my unique skills combining teaching, healing, and public speaking.   I am highly confident in myself and in my abilities. I am being paid very well to help others.  The Universe is making all the perfect arrangements for my dream life allowing me freedom and reward. Everything is working out for me for my highest good. Money flows to me from unexpected places and the universe is abundant.  I am healthy, I am strong. My bones are strong, My mind is sharp. My body, mind, and spirit are aligned with my higher self and I am one with God. I am filled with love and compassion. I can run, do yoga, lift weights, and be a leader in the community.

Next, read your intention 3x aloud with your hand and on your forehead   

You are priming yourself for the breathing technique when you will hold an image of your intention in your mind.

The brain does not know if something is real or imagined, therefore. Which means you’re positively influencing your vibration. This technique of placing your hand on your forehead, while super simple, activates acupressure points on the forehead which signals the brain to send blood to all 3 parts – your reptilian brain, your limbic brain, and your front neo-cortex.

If you feel uncomfortable feeling these positive thoughts you may benefit from releasing a limiting belief, such as “I do not deserve to be wealthy” or “I am not worthy of love.”

You may not know you have a limiting belief preventing you from feeling your best self but they are very common. I have cleared several over the years but noticed that I felt uncomfortable with feeling “bliss” and “wealthy”.

Last, get into the brain and heart coherence

(You can youtube a bunch of these “brain and heart meditations”  OR do the following practice for 5-10 minutes).

Sit with your body erect and hold your hand over your heart.

Bring your awareness out of your mind and placing it in your heart center.

Imagine a light emanating from your heart and growing.

Next, begin to slow your breathing, taking smooth, rhythmic cleansing breaths while keeping your attention in your heart center.  Five to six breaths a minute.

Bring in the elevated emotions that you wrote for your intention and affirmation, such as gratitude, love, appreciation, or compassion (I went on an appreciation rampage in my heart and mind (the friends who offered to help me,   my bills were paid, my mother’s help, the testimonials from my clients, food in my refrigerator, etc). Gratitude and appreciation are the quickest ways to raise your vibration.

Feel the gratitude and appreciation in your physical body and bring it into the area of your heart. This brings your coherence ratio higher.

Be present.  You will have stray thoughts while doing this heart and brain mediation. Remember, those stray thoughts are chemicals.

We are manipulating chemicals and once we create coherence we go to the next level.

You can do this every day and with practice, you will know how to change your state

It may take a few times to feel better and creating my intention and affirmation took a bit. The heart-brain coherence is vital! You are changing your biology. It is vital you breathe in the positive affirmations with happy,  successful mental imagery of your intention.

I began this practice Monday and it is Friday.  I am in much better spirits. More confident. I have a positive outlook. I see the silver lining. Life has ups and downs. We can choose to change our outlook and perspective on

situations with a little breathing and affirming our greatness and gratitude.