When we hold on to grudges we hold on to toxic frequencies.

As a basic LOA practitioner, teaching others the negative effects of unforgiving is very important from a vibrational standpoint.

Many people have the misconception that to have the Law of Attraction work all they have to do is think happy and positive, however, there is much more to it.

From the time we are born, we experience being lied to, betrayed, neglected, abused, and rejected. Our children lie and deceive us to get their way, our partners cheat on us, and our friends neglect to pay us back the money we loan them.  How we react to these events is pivotal in where we fall on the vibrational frequency chart. Prolonged reflection on a past behavior paralyzes us and ruminating on how you have been wronged causes our vibrations to lower and we attract more burdensome circumstances.

The basic law of attraction principle is that when you focus your thoughts on something, you will attract more of it to yourself whether it is what you want or what you don’t want. And when our vibration is lower we attract anger, fear, grief, guilt, and shame.

For example, fear is 100 on the emotional vibrational chart and acceptance is 350. Our goal should be Love at 500 or above where you experience joy, peace, and enlightenment.

There are physical and mental risks of holding on to anger believing forgiving another is contingent on that person’s remorse or apology. You may think if you forgive you are excusing their behavior. Yet, the guilty party may never take any responsibility whatsoever. You cannot make other people kinder or more self-aware.

If you start to think about the situation and it causes angry feelings, redirect, and put aside your ego. Remind yourself, everything that we experience is a learning process and everyone is on their unique path and whatever part you play is part of a soul journey.

Your thoughts create whether they are good or bad. You must feel, and talk as if you are already experiencing what you desire.  This vibrational harmony with your desire is key to receiving your desires.

Unforgiving creates a block. Blocks are awareness of the good we are seeking

When you don’t forgive you get into a low vibration and life seems to fall apart. Reacting to others creates low vibration and forgiveness impacts you NOT the other person.

Forgiveness cleanses us and puts us in a higher vibration. If it is hard for you to forgive and forget turn it over to a higher power, God, Spirit guides, Angels and ask them to do it for you.